Jacob's Creek

The new jacobscreek.com

Changing the perception of a global wine icon.

Awards and notable mentions:

Jacob’s Creek suffered from an image problem. It was perceived as a mass-produced wine “my mum used to drink”. So we undertook a global project to re-launch the brand in the digital space and make people care again.

A digital re-launch that put the Brand’s people, place and passions at the heart of the brand.

We wanted to show people that despite Jacob’s Creek’s size and history, they are still, at their hearts a craft brand. The wine they make is grown, picked, pressed and aged in Australia, by real people with real passion.

The work included a complete new design and build, photography, video and copywriting.

A bespoke CMS to fit bespoke business needs.

Instead of trying to wrap the intricate needs of a business which sells over 150 different SKUs, across 40 markets in 5 different languages into an off the shelf solution, we built a custom CMS that ensured the brand’s design integrity was maintained whilst giving markets and global brand owners the right level of control.

The Our Table content platform

To extend the website’s content offering, we created Our Table, a content and eCRM hub that allows the brand to share their knowledge, and passions to their global consumer base.