Jacob's Creek

‘Made By’
campaign with
Novak Djokovic

A global digital campaign to land Jacob’s Creek’s new brand proposition.

Working with our friends at C+P and OGB, we embarked on a global digital campaign to land Jacob’s Creek’s new ‘Made By’ brand story, with Novak Djokovic as our hero.

At the heart of the campaign were three films, shot by C+P; our job was to put them in front of the right consumers at the right time.

Ensuring a consumer-first approach, we took the Jacob’s Creek ‘Made By Australia’ proposition, and Novak Djokovic’s ‘Made by Determination’ and allowed our consumers to be the hero of the story via an award-winning digital design experience called ‘Discover what you're made by’.

Made By website preview in several devices.

An algorithm was developed using Myers Briggs methodology to unearth the ‘inner you’ in an intriguing and fulfilling way.

We’d love to tell you all the results, because they were amazing, but they’re confidential. However, we can tell you that we achieved:

The Results


in Exceeded reach KPI


in Exceeded film view KPI


in Lifted web traffic


in Exceeded engagement KPI