The future of drink trends


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The drinks industry has undergone an immense change in the past few years. From thousands of brands releasing new innovations to whole new categories emerging to satisfy the ever-increasing needs and wants of today’s consumers.
Continuing on from our last talk, Inside a Killer launch, we chat with Head of Creative at Seedlip, Ben Braithwaite, to talk about what it took to create and lead the way in an ever-growing category, and look at how COVID has impacted consumer’s drinking habits and what this all means for brands as we inch closer to our new normal.

From herbal tea to CBD drinks, we look at how the next generation of market disrupters will cut through.

Impero’s CSO, Chris Tyas, expands on research we carried out that looks into people’s shifting moods and how brands can align to different occasions to fit with people’s moods and lifestyles, be it to launch new drinks or reposition their existing brands.