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03 The Move - The Many Faces of Hustle

We live in a world obsessed with ‘making it’. From the pressure to climb the career ladder and pursue new opportunities, to the normalisation of side hustles and personal projects, it’s hard to avoid the feeling that you’re falling behind if you’re not constantly progressing or hustling to improve / level-up / change / all of the above. But, while the pressure to be productive 24/7 has become pervasive – not everyone subscribes to it.


Gen we and the digital world

In an increasingly siloed world, Gen Z are using the power of the internet to invest in the collective and carve out digital communities. This report explores these new digital norms and how brands can tap into them.


Make-up and the covid effect

During this unique moment in culture we zoom in on makeup and dissect how over the pandemic, makeup has taken on an important and meaningful role in the lives of Gen Z.


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