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Choose The Tastier Future

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The idea 

Choose the Tastier Future

Everyone knows we need to make substantial changes to stop the world from heating up. The problem is, it seems that those in power just aren’t moving fast enough, if at all. This lack of activity is frustrating for the public.

For Veganuary, Future Farm, a meat-free brand, asked consumers to look beyond our leader’s tasteless inability to act and the tasteless practices of industrial farming and fishing. To inspire them to put the power back where it should be: in the public's hands.

The idea: Forget our tasteless leaders, Choose the Tastier Future, by eating a tastier meat alternative.

The launch

First, we took on Boris and his harmful blah blah blahs.

We gave people a simple choice: delicious burgers over bumbling blah blah blahs, and unluckily for the jaded British public, Boris' lies were making front-page headlines at the same time, making our message so much more poignant.

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Then we gave the UK more ways to 
Choose the Tastier Future.

We asked them to choose tasty dinners over tasteless empty promises, tasty lunches over tasteless farming practices, tasty burgers over tasteless food fads and tasty tuna over tastelessly boring salads.

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Entertainment-first content was produced for consumers and influencers to share out, which they did, en masse.

Over 1.2 million views on Instagram

The Results 

  • 30+ million Impressions across social media
  • 120K+ Likes across social media
  • 1.2+ million Viral video views on Instagram
  • 45% recognition Of OOH campaign (twice the industry benchmark)