No Mo Pox

A judgement free campaign for the LGBTQI+ community

Digital Strategy and Campaign / Creative Campaign / Social

The background 

Responding to a new epidemic

In May 2022, the WHO announced cases of MPox had been identified in several countries across the world.

In the UK, the LGBTQI+ community was disproportionately affected – not helped by the UK media having pushed a narrative full of stigma, and a slow second dose vaccine roll out.

The idea

No judgement. Maximum relevance.

We wanted to cut through the judgemental tones of mainstream media and provide a PSA campaign in locations where those who needed support most could access it - while celebrating London’s vibrant queer scene, and giving hope that things would soon get back to normal. We created a sticker campaign, and took over the toilet stalls of bars and clubs across Hackney, with a lighthearted and judgement-free campaign, helping people to recognise the symptoms, self-diagnose and, most importantly, gain instant support discreetly through their phone using a QR code directly to the NHS support page.