George at ASDA

Back to School with George at ASDA

Creative Campaign / TVC / Social

Year 1 

Arrive Like You Mean It

We spoke to parents across the nation to find out what Back to School meant in 2021. Our findings: despite a year of stops, starts, and homeschooling, parents wanted their kids to return to school better and happier than ever before; to make this an opportunity to reboot and be the best versions of themselves.

'Arrive Like You Mean It' distills all this into one moment, the first morning back when they crash through the school gates with the unfettered confidence and swagger that only kids can have.

Arrive Like You Mean It Case Film

The campaign was a viral success 

  • 29% Increase in online sales
  • #1 In market share
  • 20m+ Media impressions
  • 11,000 TikTok videos created
  • 2.5m Instagram impressions
  • 13.5m TikTok impressions
  • 3.3m Twitter impressions
  • 28k Twitter mentions

Year 2 

Uniform For The People

We brought our cast of kids back for George at ASDA's 2022 back-to-school moment, this time focussing on what was on parents' minds the most – the cost of living crisis. So we created 'Uniform for the People', positioning George at ASDA as the retailer that understands their priorities the most – cost, durability and longevity.