Paco Rabanne

My 1st Million

Activation / Brand Strategy / Launch Strategy and Campaign / Influencer Partnership


Re-established Million by Paco Rabanne’s relevancy in the UK

Paco Rabanne’s Million has always stood for youthful success. However, its version of success had become outdated and it was losing relevance with the UK's Gen Z audience. We worked with them to modernise the brand and connect it to the UK music scene by actively supporting those on their way up to their first million downloads with the creation of the Paco Rabanne Fund.


Launching My 1st Million: a fund to support new artists

The pandemic hit the music industry hard and young artists needed a platform to reach their next big break. So, we launched the Paco Rabanne Fund: a grant awarded to up-and-coming UK music artists to spend on whatever they needed to get them into the next stage of their career. We partnered with VICE to create the ‘My 1st Million’ campaign, in search of the UK’s future music stars.

VICE partnership

We launched a video series and editorial on VICE to profile our artists and celebrate their hustle.


Paco fund

Recruiting for the 2022 Paco Fund

After profiling our first three fund recipients, we asked them to record call-out videos promoting the Paco Fund and encouraging fellow up-and-coming artists to apply for the 2022 Paco Fund. These were promoted by the artists and VICE Media.